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December 4-H Hot Topics - Shared screen with speaker view
Gwen Soule
Just a note - if you google search for this policy, two old versions still comes up on the state website. Any way those files can be removed?
Michelle Fehr
Consistency among all 4-H Professionals to follow the policy is what our committee really wanted to stress to 4-H Professionals. It becomes hard to enforce the policy statewide when some professionals are making exceptions. So please follow the policy and be kind to your neighboring county or the future professionals who may follow you! Thanks!
Hannah Epley
Gwen--if you send Tracy Nider (.3) an email with the direct links to where they are coming up, she will be able to remove it easier. :-)
Rhonda Williams
It is helpful to chat in advance with your neighboring educators and share your cross county philosophy.
Mark Light
Can we get a list of enrollment deadlines for every county in Ohio? Often times when these forms are submitted they may be time sensitive and 30 days might be after an enrollment in the home county has passed the and the form has been denied it prevents that youth from returning to their county
Larry L. Hall
In the past, some 4-H professionals have indicated a desire to tell a member moving outside their county of residence that they owuld not be able to return. If condiitons change in their situation they shouold be able to return if OK with both county professionals.
Douglas Foxx
This is Morgan on Dougs computer.... A group of us are wondering since the process is being standardized, is there a standard letter for acceptance and denial we should be using?
Michelle Fehr
It is also the responsibility of the member and their family to make sure they are submitting paperwork in time for the forms to reviewed prior to deadlines for both counties.
Gwen Soule
Since the policy now states that this form must be completed 30 days before are we not permitted to accept members if thi form ceoms in after that? These forms are usually for first year members who have enough confusion getting enrolled somtimes. Ours rarely come in 30 days before our deadline.
Mark Light
With more and more counties using online enrollment, will this form ever be a part of that process where families can submit this online?
Michelle Fehr
The first paragraph of the form covers the question Larry has about the duration of the membership decision and the change in circumstances that may prompt a review of the decision.
Mark Light
Or at least a fillable form? Sometimes these are hand written and are hard to read
Gwen Soule
Thanks. We have a pile of these. More than half our school districts are split between two or more counties.
Kayla Miller
There is a fillable form available, I got it from somewhere on the Intranet already.
Elliott Lawrence
Elliott Lawrence
fillable form
Gwen Soule
Does "in person" and "good for only one year" mean that those youth who have tested out need to do QA again if they are selling beef animals?
Gwen Soule
I'm assuming...
Gwen Soule
Gwen Soule
The fact sheet you sent also says we need to have the youth sign a certificate at the end of the program? I am assuming that means our traditional sign in sheets are not acceptable? Do we then keep those certificates and pass them on to Jr Fair?
Gwen Soule
Perfect. Thanks.