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Jeff Dick's Zoom Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Larry L. Hall
If a member wins a project award in a given year, may they submit for a differewnt project area in a subsequent year?
Larry L. Hall
Thank you for the clarification.
Kirk Bloir
County-based 4-H professional? Please complete the following 3-5 minute survey by Friday November 30: responses will populate a statewide 4-H professionals’ directory that will reside in Box (for your use!) starting in December. As you prepare to take the survey, you may want to pre-consider:o What am I known for in 4-H or what do I hope to become known for?o What non 4-H skills do I have that may support the work of my colleagues?o You will be asked to upload a headshot photo unless it already exists on your staff page.Thank you in advance!